The One Iranian’s History

The One Iranian started its formation in 2006 as a research and strategic management company by its founders, which were all located in different countries worldwide. The activities of the founders were all related to investments in building and construction sector, which led to the launch of The One Iranian as an officially registered company in 2007, under the registration number of 304567.

At this time the company gained valuable experiences and incredible success by taking part in number of foreign projects in the field of financial management, risk reduction, marketing and sales. After 3 years of research and analysis of Iran’s market by the help of Iranian experts and international consultants (the best in each field) and by obtaining a clear vision of the industry, the founders decided to offer sales and marketing engineeringservices to Iran’s construction industry. These services were defined in a way that respond to the requirement and needs of the industry and since then sales and marketing engineering is counted as a golden key to Increase the success of all projects.

During these years, The One Iranian also gain a valuable experience in real estate  branding projects, market research and opportunity study.