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A word from managing director

Our philosophy is simple; Never do a job you don't believe in. Do every job with as much enthusiasm as if it is your first and with as much attention as if it is your last time!


Makan Eidipour
Bashir Anisi

the1 solution

  • Marketing&Sales Engineering Open or Close
  • Opportunity Studies Open or Close

    This is known as the cheap and fast method of analyzing the market in order to create an investment opportunity.

    In The One Iranian our dedicated team of experts in the field of international business use the latest research methods to provide their clients with an in depth analysis of opportunity studies, in order to meet the needs of the real estate market.

  • Market Research Open or Close

    Market research is known as the planned analysis and research of the market in order to collect vital information of industry and target markets. Effective market research is essential to create a successful business strategy. This research will benefit The One by providing an edge over the other competitors as they will have a better vision of the industry needs, scope of the market and by understanding the current competition, they will be able to find their position in the market.

Housing Investment Company

Housing Investment Company is one of the biggest mass developments and is a chief member of National Mass Constructors Council. Housing Investment Company has gained valuable experiences in various construction activities such as: Mass housing developments, Residential, Villas, low-rise and high-rise buildings, office-commercial construction, land preparation, construction of water pipe lines, highway and road construction. This company was established in 1990 by Maskan Bank as a limited liability company with registered initial capital of ten billion IRR. Increase in the activities of this company in 2003 led to transition of this company from limited liability to publicly owned and increased their registered capital to one thousand billion IRR and since 2004 their shares have been offered in stock exchange. During the 19 years of their activities they have managed to build over 44000 units under 281 housing development projects, 38 commercial – office buildings and over 36000 residential building units have reached their operation stage. Use of innovative managerial and technical approaches, with considerations towards quality and quantity product growth, has resulted in this company playing a vital role in advancement of country’s housing sector towards reaching their goals and targets. Since 2004 Housing Investment Co. has managed achieve and retain Quality Management Certificate under the ISO9001-2000 standards from Moody International Company.