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Employers and Partners


A word from managing director

Our philosophy is simple; Never do a job you don't believe in. Do every job with as much enthusiasm as if it is your first and with as much attention as if it is your last time!


Bashir Anisi
CEO and chaiman of the board 
Nazir Anisi
Member of the board
Makan Eidipour
Member of the founders

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  • Marketing&Sales Engineering Open or Close
  • Opportunity Studies Open or Close

    This is known as the cheap and fast method of analyzing the market in order to create an investment opportunity.

    In The One Iranian our dedicated team of experts in the field of international business use the latest research methods to provide their clients with an in depth analysis of opportunity studies, in order to meet the needs of the real estate market.

  • Market Research Open or Close

    Market research is known as the planned analysis and research of the market in order to collect vital information of industry and target markets. Effective market research is essential to create a successful business strategy. This research will benefit The One by providing an edge over the other competitors as they will have a better vision of the industry needs, scope of the market and by understanding the current competition, they will be able to find their position in the market.

مطالعات فرصت

مطالعات فرصت یا Opportunity Studies به مطالعاتي اطلاق مي گردد كه به دنبال شناسايي سريع وارزان حقايق برجسته بازار در يك فرصت سرمايه ­گذاري مي باشد. حال حاضر باتوجه به تغيير رفتار مصرف ­كننده در كشور و تغییر شرایط بازار، مخاطرات زيادي متوجه پروژه ­هايی است که بدون انجام مطالعات تخصصی اقدام به شروع سرمایه گذاری می نمایند. شركت دوان ايرانيان جهت انجام مطالعات فرصت تلاش مي نمايد ضمن ارائه تصوير روشني از بازار به سرمايه ­گذار با دوري از هر گونه متورم­ سازي درآمدها و انطباق ميزان در آمدها با واقعيت ­هاي موجود دربازار و همچنین تعريف هزينه ­هاي منطقي جهت اجرا به تحليل اقتصادي گزينه ­هاي خلق شده بپردازد.