In order to giving strategic consultation and advices to the investors and developers of Rozet project, a commercial project situated in Urumia, north west part of Iran, The One Iranian’s team visited the project site in accompany with YAP architecture group, Greek architecture consultant. Rozet project has been developing in a 53500 m2 land area. Urumia municipality is the owner of the project. New investors now are stepped in this excellent project with new policies and approaches. Now a triangle consisting of a marketing& sales company (The One Iranian), an international architecture consultant (YAP), a local technical consultant and the economic team of the employer work on this project.

Mr. Bashir Anisi gave his advices and strategic solutions of construction, sales and operation to the team of developers and investors. Based on these strategic solutions, YAP give their ideas of modification and value engineering and they presented three different design alternatives. In this visit, the investors and developers expressed their point of views and the whole team could come up with a good conclusion.

As a main competitor in the region, we visited Laleh Park commercial complex in Tabriz and presented their business model to YAP. 

The visit of The One Iranian’s CEO from Dubai office

During his visit from Emirate and city scape of Abu Dhabi, Mr. Anisi, CEO of the one Iranian, visited the office of The One Property in Dubai.

In this meeting, Mr. Anisi and Mr. Tarek A. Chomal, the directing manager of the one properties, have met and talked about their future joint programs and fixed the cooperation plan of 2016.

This collaboration and synergy will lead to a better presence of The One Iranian in foreign market and get to know better investment opportunities. It was agreed that from now on our meeting with foreign partners and investors will take place in The One Dubai office.

Bashir Anisi also visited the latest project of The One in Dubai that is and exclusive agreement of marketing, sales and operation of a tower in Sheikh Zayed road, next to Gloria Yasat hotel. 


The one Iranian was an exclusive marketing and sales broker Golf Village of Iranian Land project. One of the ideas and plans of the one in marketing campaign was building a place for virtual golf play and the executive plan was also provided.

Golf village is located at the heart of Iranian Land project and it is allocated for luxury residential villas. In order to the importance of this 320-hectare project which 92 hectares of it is designed for golf grass field and 3 hectares of the lake, we were searching for all the creative and modern methods of marketing. But, as a result of lack of funding for this kind of activities, the idea of virtual play was abandoned.

After 3 years, in April 2016, during the most famous exhibition of real estate this idea was run and it could attract many one’s attention to the booth.

Nowadays considering a very competitive field of real estate for fundraising need creative and distinct methods and tools of marketing. 

Watch the video here.

Cityscape 2016

Cityscape is the most famous exhibition in real estate that annually in different countries presents the good opportunities for investment. This exhibition sets up in Korea, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, Jeddah, Egypt, Abu Dhabi and Dubai every year. Abu Dhabi cityscape was held up 12 till 16 April and lots of famous and well-known companies were presenting their latest achievement and studies in field of real estate and they introduce the best opportunities of investment of the region.

There were a lot of booths attracting the attention. Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 can be named as one of the remarkable ones that almost everybody considered it. There were a large-scale model of the future of Abu Dhabi development that could obviously show the crucial role of urban planning in the region. Eagle Hills Abu Dhabi also was another noteworthy booth which you could see lots of creative ways of marketing and it could present itself impressively.

Some of the participating companies were:


Azizi development

Eagle Hills

Eshraq Properties Co. (PJSC)

Forbes Middle East Magazine

Manazel Real Estate PJSC


Tamouh Investments

Dubai Properties (DP)

The sales manager of The One Iranian mentioned that despite the good presence of well-known developers and investors, some famous bands like Nakheel and Emaar were still missed.

The One Iranian visited this exhibition and negotiated with some of the investors and companies about good investment opportunities in Iran.

The next Cityscape will be held at Dubai in August.


The director of Industry, Mine and Commerce organization of Tehran district, Engineer Mohammd Reza Mesforoush, surveyed the constructing process of the huge project of Shahriar commercial center during his visit of spring fair of Shahriar guilds. He was informed the volume of investment and also construction and exploitation duration time. He expressed his thankfulness from the investor of this project that despite a lot of other opportunities of investment, he has chosen Shahriar.

Mr. Mesforoush also added that it is true that we need to try protecting and maintaining the ancient and historical places, but building such a modern and occupied centers like Shahriar commercial center is compulsory for modern way of commercial activities. It play an effective role in positive effect on current business activities conducting in Shahriar and also in creating new job opportunities and increasing the regional revenue and consequently more regional satisfaction, he added.  


The referendum of general assembly for choosing 6 persons of board of trustees of the entrepreneurs’ center of Tehran district with presence of the majority had conducted in the seminar hall of the general office of Tehran Work and welfare cooperation, in the morning of Tuesday, 11th of Esfand 1394.

In this seminar, the directors presented various reports such as: compiling entrepreneurs’ supporting package, establishing the website of the center, accomplishing series of meetings, publishing statements regarding the problems of business, and pursuing the problems of entrepreneurs by authorities. Meanwhile, Mr. Hamednia expressed his appreciation of general office of Tehran Cooperative, Work and Social welfare for supporting entrepreneurs’ center and added that Iran rate of business’ demanding index has been 118. He also referred to some problems that Iranian entrepreneurs are facing, such as bank interest rate, commodity smuggling, the absence of financial clearness and the lack of support from government from private sectors.

At the end of the seminar, the whole 15 nominates for board of trustees explained their plans.

The selected candidates for general assembly of the entrepreneurs’ center are:

Mr. Majid Sayeri; CEO of Mahan institute

Mr. Gholamreza Habibi; CEO Farzan institute

Mr. Khosro Saljughi; CEO of Zist Fanavar Kimia

Mr. Roben Ghanipor; CEO of Fara Emtiaz institute

Mr. Bashir Anisi; CEO of The One Iranian

Ms. Somayeh Bagherbeigi; CEO of Giti Forouz Taban

Besides, two superior entrepreneurs have been chosen as substitute members of entrepreneurs’ center of Tehran district. 



Following the selection of The One Iranian as a responsible of market research, opportunity study and value engineering of Pars Tower project, we have profited from some companies concepts and ideas for this project. Pars is planned to be 30-floor commercial-office tower that because of the complication of retailing and mixed use standards we had to select the best architecture team between many. After working with the team of famous Iranian architecture, Farzad Daliri, and then Bonsar group and consulting with Mr. Shahbazi eventually we asked YAP architecture group to present their designs and plans based on international standards for retailing places and offices. The One offered a brief design to YAP group based in many meetings and consultations about marketing and sales process. YAP is supposed to finish the plans and sections as soon as possible to be discussed with the employer.

The selection of YAP was according to their vast cooperation with Hyper Star and also their experiment in designing shopping centers and administrative projects. Yorgos Andreadis and Partners (YAP) started their professional activity since 1992. They have been working on different fields of residential, commercial, cultural, recreational and office areas in Greek, Paris, United Arab Emirate and etc.

For more information about YAP group, their history, work samples and awards, you can check the website below:



The center of consulting, information and entrepreneurship services is considered as the active unit of Employment and entrepreneurship in Department of Cooperative, Work and Social Welfare. This center has been run in purpose of connecting knowledge and science with job and employment fields and it has a long-term approach in order to maintain the spirit of creativity in society.

Mr. Bashir Anisi, CEO of The One Iranian, is cooperating with this center from the first step. Mr. Lotfali Nezhad, the general directing manager of Cooperative, Work and Social Welfare, officially appreciated Mr. Anisi for all of his material and spiritual helps and affords. 


Newspaper campaign of Atlas Kish in welcome of Nowrooz

Atlas Kish residential tower as the only ready-to-deliver tower at the island invited the interested people to visit at Nowrooz holidays. The new campaign promised a new payment plan that could help the applicants to be the owners of this tower’s units. At the result of this campaign, more than 4000 persons contacted us via different contact ways and about 100 persons visited the tower and talked to our sales experts.

Visitors mostly were interested in a very unique location of our project where is just beside the sea with no barriers and they can enjoy a very picturesque scene.

You can find more details about the project at our website. 


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