The Feast of Large Family of Sarzamin Iranian’s Golf Village

On Tuesday Golf Village of Sarzamin Iranian experienced a different atmosphere to other days as it was delighted to host its owners, partners and directors. This friendly event took place in presence of many visitors who had come to see Mr. Phil Ryan representative of Australian Company of Pacific Coast Design who was allocated in building number 5 of car city of Sarzamin Iranian. Phil Ryan’s event started at 4 and it continued until 8. During this event Mrs. Arad (One of the directors of this project) presented a general view of Sarzamin Iranian which was followed by Mr. Phil Ryan presenting a general and specialized report on the physical progress of the project and the project plan.

Mr. Ryan’s speech was followed by speech from Mr. Ahmad Mousavi, founder of The One Iranian who spoke about the goals of the founder of this great financial project and also praised to god to assist them in progress and success of this project.

After the reception ceremony, Mr. Ebrahimi (Project executive manager of Sarzamin Iranian) provided general information about the physical progress of the project.

In the end, Mr. Javad Mousavi (CEO of Sarzamin Iranian Institute) alongside Mr. Phil Rayan unveiled the memory book of Sarzamin Iranian and also Mr. Phil Ryan wrote a few commemoration notes in this book to start it off.