Workshop: Brand Position in Asset Management of Premium Strategies in High-rise Buildings

The high-rise building conference analyzes the ‘effects of this type of construction on the constant life span of urban planning’ for the second time. Number of leaders, masters and responsible and accountable figures were present in this conference which took place from December 21st to December 24th.

The workshop of brand and asset management will be held on Tuesday, December 23rd, with presence of Mr. Bashir Anisi and will cover the following topics:

- Profiting from High-rise Buildings

- Brand Positioning in premium pricing strategies

- Relationship between asset management and premium strategy

- The case study of Lexon luxury tower

We would honor the presence of friends and companions of The One Iranian in this workshop.

Topics of High-rise Conference includes the following focus groups:

- Economy and Finance Focus Group

- Architectural and Urban Focus Group

- Construction Technology Focus Group

- Social and Cultural Study Group

- Rules and Regulations Focus Group

This event will commence on Monday, 2pm and will conclude on Tuesday, 9am.

Conference Organizers:

Mr. Seyed Mohammad Beheshti (Head of Architecture and Urban Planning of Honar Tehran Cultural Centre / Head of Council of Policy Making)

Dr. Hamed Mazaherian (Vice President of Building and Dwelling Affair of Ministry of Civil and Urban Planning / Scientific Secretary)

Dr. Mohammad Saeed Izadi (Vice Minister of Civil and Urban Planning / Managing Director of Omran va Behsazi Shahri Iran Holding Company / Secretary of Council of Policy Making)

Dr. Mohammad Reza Hafezi (Member of Scientific Committee of Shahid Beheshti University / Secretary of Architecture and Urban Planning Focus Group

Dr. Mahmood Golabchi (Deputy of Research and Post Graduate Committee of Architectural Department of Tehran University / Secretary of Construction Technology Focus Group)

Dr. Hossein Abdeh Tabrizi (Finance Counselor for the Minister of Civil and Urban Planning / Secretary of Economy and Finance Focus Group)

Dr. Manoochehr Sheibani Asl (Chief Executive officer of Engineering Organizations and Professional Constitutions of Ministry of Civil and Urban Planning / Secretary of Rules and Regulations Focus Group)

Mr. Ahmad Masjed Jameei (Member of Tehran Islamic Committee / Secretary of Social and Cultural Focus Group)

Mr. Shadmehr Rastin (Senior Lecturer of University of Arts / Executive Secretary)