National Union President of Real Estate Agents Sector Visits Sarzamin Iranian

According to the public relations of Real Estate Agents’ Union, Mr. Mostaga Qoli Khosravi, president of the National Union President of Real Estate  Sector visits the first developed section (sports, leisure, tourism and residential) of Sarzamin Iranian, located on 30th km of Tehran – Saveh Highway.

In this visit the union president was hosted by Mr. Anisi (CEO of The One Iranian) and Mr. Shojaee (Chief of Human Resources and Special Director of business center) who reported on progress of the works, execution plans, project features and its merits.

Sarzamin Iranian (Island) is a sports, leisure, tourism and residential development with 24 defined land usage, which has been named as leading tourism region by governmental committee. The general proposal plan of this project has been approved by the Supreme Council of Tourism. Sarzamin Iranian is Iran’s first complex which has been named as leading region for all three sectors of international tourism, residential town and especial business center.

Some of the merits of Sarzamin Iranian include:

Sarzamin Iranian, as a mega project, will revolutionize the lifestyle of Iranians in a way that can combine the living and residential spaces with other uses such as business, sports, leisure, culture and knowledge, health care services and etc.

Sarzamin Iranian, with square footage of 1400 hectares and 24 defined usage, partnership of the best national and international consultants and ideal location will introduce a new and modern lifestyle to the Iranians.

Sarzamin Iranian is the closest business and tourism center, on an international scale, to the capital which has made its location an ideal place for living, activity and leisure.

The first automobile trade center has been placed in Sarzamin Iranian business center, which offers consistent services for selling and buying automobiles and also follows international standards of automobile showrooms. This will result in minimization of investment slumps of showrooms.

Construction of Iran’s first residential golf village, with international standards, in the heart of Sarzamin Iranian.

Country’s biggest polo and horse racing center, with international standards, and ability of hosting national and international competitions

Construction of the first automobile testing track located in the first formula 1 track of the country, designed by Tilke Consultancy Company (designer of 11 out of 18 of the world’s biggest racing tracks) and combination of 6 of the world’s most famous formula 1 track corners.

Hosting number of national competitions in the world’s biggest super carting complex, with A rated international standard, in Sarzamin Iranian

Hosting number of national competitions in the country’s first off - road track, with international standards and also instructing on how to drive buggy, ATV and Motor Cross.

Sarzamin Iranian as a sports, leisure, tourism and residential complex has obtained over 600 permissions. Some of the most important permissions include the permission from Supreme Council of Urban and Architecture, and exclusive business center.

Sarzamin Iranian is an experience of combination of both modern lifestyle with rich Iranian culture.

Planned for the biggest water park and amusement park of Middle East, and the most equipped shopping center of the country, which has been designed by international consultants in order to create a modern leisure, commercial and sports center.

Existence of logistic centers and warehouses and also investment of one of the private banks of the country in the private warehouse section of the business center of Sarzamin Iranian.

Best potential for construction of Pardis International University in the educational center of Sarzamin Iranian, Due to the short distance to the exclusive business center.

Best potential for hosting international sports campaign and hosting international sports competition of the sports village of Sarzmin Iranian.

Includes the permission for allocation of 10 m3 from Mahmoudieh Canal annually and plus 6 wells in order to provide the water of Sarzamin Iranian.

Completion of water transfer line of Rahmat Abad well to Sarzamin Iranian.

Meeting the day to day needs and other requirements of the residents from the age of 0 to elderly, in order to form a family based society.

Allocation of the residential area near the golf course, with square footage of 92 hectare, in order to provide the residence with a beautiful view, provision of oxygen for 150 thousand people and smoothening the weather. The added value to the neighboring villas will create a suitable business opportunity.

Sarzamin Iranian is located only 30 km from Tehran on the Tehran - Saveh Highway passed the new city of Parand. The international Carting Center of Parand is based near the entrance of Sarzamin Iranian.

Sarzamin Iranian benefits from very good access points. Tehran – Saveh Highway, Tehran – Qom Highway and Tehran’s Southern Ring Road which is currently under construction are the access points of this project. Also Parand’s metro which is connected to Tehran’s Number 1 line and also national north to south cross country rail road which goes pass the northern part of Sarzamin Iranian are the railway access points. The most important access point of this land is the airway due to the fact that Imam Khomeini Airport is based only 7 km away from the Sarzamin Iranian.