15 Sales Companies Compete at the Tendering Stage for Opportunity Study Project of Hakim Twin Towers

The One Iranian managed to win the race against 15 other sales engineering and market research companies. In the tender bid, which took place for the companies interested in execution of Hakim Twin Towers opportunity study project, various features of the applicants such as research strength, project execution team, previous experiences, programs and project execution plans were analyzed.

The Opportunity study’ (Feasibility Study and Business Plan) contract for Hakim Office – Commercial Building, with square footage of 145,000 m2 located on the junction of Hakim and Sheikh-Bahayi Highway, was signed on June 15, 2014 between The One Iranian and Tose –e va Omran Behnad Bana, (on behalf of Saman Bank), nominated contractors of Alborz Mega Mall, Mahvare Pardis Building, Aqdasie and Azar Tabriz under the management of Mr. Ayoob Nazari.