Mayor of Oroumieh Honors The One Iranian’s Activities in Regards to their Opportunity Study for Roset Cultural – Commercial – Leisure Centre

The mayor of Oroumieh, Dr. Hazrati Pour, the governor Western Azarbayjan of Dr. Saadat and also the president of Islamic Council of Oroumieh attended the opening ceremony of Roset Cultural – Commercial – Leisure Center, which was held on the night of Eid Qadir Khom (Shia Muslim’s related festival). In this ceremony the works of The One Iranian in regards to the opportunity study carried out for this complex was honored and were presented with an appreciation certificate.

In this ceremony, Mr. Anisi (CEO of The One Iranian) points out to the importance of investment of private sector in development of cities, such as Oroumieh (located in Western Azerbaijan County), in his speech. He also mentions the significance of the support of heads of different organizations in development and progression of cities.