Selecting Mr. Bashir Anisi, the CEO of The One Iranian, in general assembly of entrepreneurs’ center of Tehran district

The referendum of general assembly for choosing 6 persons of board of trustees of the entrepreneurs’ center of Tehran district with presence of the majority had conducted in the seminar hall of the general office of Tehran Work and welfare cooperation, in the morning of Tuesday, 11th of Esfand 1394.

In this seminar, the directors presented various reports such as: compiling entrepreneurs’ supporting package, establishing the website of the center, accomplishing series of meetings, publishing statements regarding the problems of business, and pursuing the problems of entrepreneurs by authorities. Meanwhile, Mr. Hamednia expressed his appreciation of general office of Tehran Cooperative, Work and Social welfare for supporting entrepreneurs’ center and added that Iran rate of business’ demanding index has been 118. He also referred to some problems that Iranian entrepreneurs are facing, such as bank interest rate, commodity smuggling, the absence of financial clearness and the lack of support from government from private sectors.

At the end of the seminar, the whole 15 nominates for board of trustees explained their plans.

The selected candidates for general assembly of the entrepreneurs’ center are:

Mr. Majid Sayeri; CEO of Mahan institute

Mr. Gholamreza Habibi; CEO Farzan institute

Mr. Khosro Saljughi; CEO of Zist Fanavar Kimia

Mr. Roben Ghanipor; CEO of Fara Emtiaz institute

Mr. Bashir Anisi; CEO of The One Iranian

Ms. Somayeh Bagherbeigi; CEO of Giti Forouz Taban

Besides, two superior entrepreneurs have been chosen as substitute members of entrepreneurs’ center of Tehran district.