Virtual play of golf, a familiar idea in cityscape Abu Dhabi

The one Iranian was an exclusive marketing and sales broker Golf Village of Iranian Land project. One of the ideas and plans of the one in marketing campaign was building a place for virtual golf play and the executive plan was also provided.

Golf village is located at the heart of Iranian Land project and it is allocated for luxury residential villas. In order to the importance of this 320-hectare project which 92 hectares of it is designed for golf grass field and 3 hectares of the lake, we were searching for all the creative and modern methods of marketing. But, as a result of lack of funding for this kind of activities, the idea of virtual play was abandoned.

After 3 years, in April 2016, during the most famous exhibition of real estate this idea was run and it could attract many one’s attention to the booth.

Nowadays considering a very competitive field of real estate for fundraising need creative and distinct methods and tools of marketing. 

Watch the video here.