Offering development consultation to Rozet commercial project

In order to giving strategic consultation and advices to the investors and developers of Rozet project, a commercial project situated in Urumia, north west part of Iran, The One Iranian’s team visited the project site in accompany with YAP architecture group, Greek architecture consultant. Rozet project has been developing in a 53500 m2 land area. Urumia municipality is the owner of the project. New investors now are stepped in this excellent project with new policies and approaches. Now a triangle consisting of a marketing& sales company (The One Iranian), an international architecture consultant (YAP), a local technical consultant and the economic team of the employer work on this project.

Mr. Bashir Anisi gave his advices and strategic solutions of construction, sales and operation to the team of developers and investors. Based on these strategic solutions, YAP give their ideas of modification and value engineering and they presented three different design alternatives. In this visit, the investors and developers expressed their point of views and the whole team could come up with a good conclusion.

As a main competitor in the region, we visited Laleh Park commercial complex in Tabriz and presented their business model to YAP.