An Exhibition Booth Different to anywhere else

In the second international exhibition of real state and property, two of the top marketing and sales engineering companies of The One Iranian and Avantgard were placed next to Ima naghshineh, which is the top advertising company of Iran. This resulted in creation of an outstanding environment in the exhibition center compared to any companies present in the exhibition. In this exhibition center the national and international construction companies aimed to explain different dimensions of investments in the projects, with subjects of residential – commercial and office buildings, all over the country which are under their management.

In the turmoil of national and international construction companies, presence of these three companion companies created a gravitational point in saloon number 38 due to the fact that most of the visitors would spend a few minutes stopping and staring at workshops and asking themselves “What is happening here?” This means that for the first time, the primary information about the activities in the construction industry, project management methods, advertising and also marketing and sales of building units information distribution, and many other basic subjects of the industry were analyzed and explained.

The aim of these educational workshops were to increase the quality of the exhibition, increase the general and specialized knowledge of the visitors, audience and the second international exhibition.