Branding and Management of Commercial Center Conference; Hamedan

A one-day conference was conducted in Hamedan with the aim of focusing on the subjects such as development management, asset management and property management in commercial and shopping centers. In this conference which was held in the presence of the managers and directors of gold and jewelry, bag and shoes, leather and home goods union different topics were discussed such as:
- Shopping malls’ development and their effect on urban economy.
- The new concepts of shopping malls’ construction and development.
- The meaning of mall and shopping center management
- How to manage and co-ordinate the subjects related to commercial operation
- Compare different methods of operation of shopping centers such as sales, leasing, sales of goodwill and ...
- Benefits and values of investing in commercial centers having the management strategies
Mr. Anisi CEO of The One Iranians as the speaker of the conference by introducing of the successful operation methods in the world and some of the reasons and plans reasons for the failure of local and international commercial centers had tried to bring the new business areas up among the business participants as well as investors of Hamedan.
The questions were asked at the end of the workshop and some topics like techniques and methods of mall utilization were discussed.
At the end of the first workshop, another topic, concept of brand and branding by introducing the case study of Zagros tower in Hamadan, was also brought up by one of the directors of The One Iranian company.
The concept of branding has been in the consideration of many sectors and business entities for some years. This concept is referred to as all the emotions, features and meanings that are tied to a name. Brand is people’ assumption from a name. In other words, brand is the reputation and promise that is created in the mind and soul of the customers. The topic of brand loyalty is one of the most important considerations of companies, and companies are always looking for ways to gain the loyalty of their customers.
In this regard, the workshop of understanding the concept of brand and branding was held for the first time among managers and union members and activists of Hamedan in in the conference hall of Ganjnameh business and tourist village.
A very good welcome from the participants of this workshop demonstrates the high quality of its implementation and application of the business content.