The Iranian entrepreneur criticized the negotiation methods with foreigner partners in real estate field

Entering the foreign companies into Iranian market and negotiating on this issue is something more than chatting at the foot of the Iranian colorful food tables.
This sentence is the objection that Bashir Anisi, Iranian entrepreneur, has been noted regarding the challenges of Iran economy after lifting the sanctions and the arrival of active foreign companies in the construction industry. Bashir Anisi, top entrepreneur and CEO of The One Iranians, warning about the trade talks with foreign partners in the field of housing, said: “while we face the Lack of real estate industry information, companies that come to Iran for business negotiations are facing a shortage of information in accordance with scientific principles and correct market research. This fact has caused a lot of confusion and problems for the parties to negotiate.”
He who had taken the responsibilities of development management of a foreign company in Iran believes that meeting with international parties demands more than hosting them in an Iranian way! Therefore, we need to provide them trustable data and information from Iranian market instead.
CEO of the first marketing and sales company in real estate industry had added: Due to the inflation in construction industry in recent years, builders and developers of large projects haven’t taken a great care into the importance of marketing and market research and instead, they have managed and predicted the ongoing dynamics of the market by experience and intuitions.
He had mentioned that not to create the national company brands in the area of residential, commercial, office, entertainment and tourism real estate projects is considered as a challenging issue after lifting of the sanctions. Because in negotiations with foreign partners, they are facing with a major obstacle of lacking adequate information necessary for decision-making.
Bashir Anisi emphasized that Iranian companies are facing scientific uncertainty about final prices and profit calculations. He continued: Now we don’t have the power of decision-making on behalf of foreign parties because the foreign partners’ request is based on proposing a cooperation proposal in form of Opportunity Studies (OS) that unfortunately Iranian companies are not familiar with its basic concepts or if they are, they don’t meet the standards of foreign companies.
Regarding the mentioned problems, Mr. Anisi had explained that sales engineering topic in Iran is totally new in construction industry but, several market research and marketing companies have been established in recent years and it is highly recommended to local companies use and benefit from these kind of organizations’ experience then they can prepare themselves for further negotiation in future opportunities. He believes that if Iranian companies are looking for new kind of contracts and working in a new international environment they must know that it is essential to develop and implement the project business plans, opportunity studies and market research based on the standards demanded by the foreign parties.
Bashir Anisi emphasized that Iranian companies must be sure that in case of using scientific methods, they will face a perfect interest from foreign parties because there are a lot of attractions in Iranian construction industry in all the sectors of contracting, engineering, constructing, high-rise buildings’ technology, commercial and entertainment centers, architecture, investment and … for international companies.