Excavation operation of the attached plot has been started

Lexon home-office project as the most reputable project of the east side of Chitgar lake is under construction. Due to the overwhelming client interest to invest in this unique project and anticipate the growing market for construction industry, Tosee Abnie Hemmat company, the owner of this project, has decided to buy the land adjacent to the project in order to develop the atmosphere of this luxury tower. The excavation operation of this added land has been started and it is promised to increase the speed of construction in this part so that the whole complex can be operated at the same time. Lexon luxury tower is still beyond the estimated construction plan and this point is one the privileges of this project.
It is the first time in Iran that the concept of home-office is developed. Like the other unique real estate project in the world, this project has a great attention to the needs of its market and clients and Lexon concept is defined based on providing a better environment for business holders as a new solution of office areas.