The importance of foreign investment and knowledge after the sanction lift

After sanction lifted, Iran witnessed the arrival of representatives of foreign companies to explore the market and negotiate with the Iranian side. The main focus on these negotiations is about how the investment conditions from foreign companies in Iran and the question is about the level of Iran needs for foreign investment.
Pana News: Bashir Anisi, CEO of The One Iranian, answered the question of if Iran need foreign investment in every industries and sectors and what are the challenges of entering foreign companies into Iranian market: we need to confirm that for a country like Iran with a huge consumer market and unique geographical conditions and developing economies, the ceiling for investment cannot be defined. This is particularly can be applied in developing of road infrastructure, roads, rail networks, equipping airlines, mines, transportation, oil and gas that absorb the largest volume of investment from government and semi-private and private economic agencies.
Mr. Anisi, Iranian entrepreneur, believes that It is natural that in this situation small business economies also demand for foreign investment in order to improve their market share, creating new markets or entrepreneurship. Here this question can be asked that this interest to attract the foreigner investment from small and medium size companies is related to the lack of capital or enough knowledge in business fields? Should we use foreign companies for their capital and wealth or knowledge in management and delivery of services in this area?
Bashir Anisi, top entrepreneur in real estate industry said: as an example, in construction industry and real estate development, we can see excessive inflation of investment (land, unfinished projects) in companies and the idea of capital and asset management is still based on production philosophy that is not efficient anymore and this kind of management belongs to the time that market demand is more than supply. Now in recent market by changing the buyers and consumers’ behavior, real estate industry is highly facing the lack of managerial experience in investment management.
CEO of The One Iranian believes that “Knowledge is better than money!” meaning that construction companies should use the opportunity of making contact and negotiate with foreigner companies in some fields like project management development, property management, mall management, branding techniques and some areas like these that are totally new in Iran. He thinks that we’d better to use their experience and knowledge in this industry rather than just absorbing their money because today our market asks for different kinds of concepts, designs and services. Today we can easily change construction industry using the new methods and techniques of world.