The excellent project of Urumia

YAP Architecture Consulting Group has finalized their plans and designs to develop the unique projects of Citadium Urumia. Citadium Urumia project is a commercial project in the city of Urumia in a land area of 53500 square meters and 5 floors under construction. The owner of the project was Urumia municipality but now by with the participation of new investor it is in the new stage of development with new policy making. This is the first time that a multilateral cooperation in form of value engineering has been made up in order to develop a project: a local marketing and sales company (The One Iranians), an international technical consultant (Yaap Architecture), the local project advisor and the economic team of the employer.
Bashir Anisi, CEO of The One Iranian, had delivered his strategic ideas of policy making, development, sales and operation of the project to the construction team and investors and due to these policies Yaap group had designed three alternative development scenarios for this commercial complex. In order to the new concept of operation for this project, The One Iranian had suggested to build this commercial center in two phases so that the maximum use and operational potential can be gained.
The process of executive phasing, ample and modern parking for a commercial complex, innovative design, proper design of sequences of interior spaces, designing a space for Hyperstar and new and effective operational system are the factors that has been made Citadium to a unique project at its area.