Preliminary results of the research project on people attitudes to the housing market

According to the public relations of The One Iranian, Bashir Anisi, the top entrepreneur in services sector, announced: besides the economic experts’ analysis, the most important factor in the housing market prediction in recent decades has been the popular imagination. In many cases it is seen that because of the confusion of people in the investment market, and contrary to all the analysis, an influx of people had been led into the specific market and inflation and speculative bubbles are sometimes formed.
He pointed out that after releasing an article in one of the economy newspapers with the tile of “The Idea of 60 economists” in analyzing the housing market, we had decided to collect the society idea about this subject and we think both if these analyses are necessary in order to predict the future situation of housing market.
CEO of The One Iranian explained that to analyze the mentality of the audiences, the subject was defined in a form of a research project for our marketing team and we have designed our survey questions as a telegram bot so that at the first step the experts and then the normal people can participate in it. The first step of this survey has finished with the statistical society of 570 persons. The analysis derived from this survey has been sent to the participants.
Mr. Anisi said that this survey will continue and in each step the statistical society number will increase and this increase will continue till the results will be fixed and stable. In this survey in addition to using the knowledge of our team, we have tried to use the ideas and comments of the experts in this filed.