Hyperstar visit

It’s a while that large daily shopping areas such as hypermarket and Hyperstar in urban areas are welcomed by a lot of customers the number of these kinds of shopping centers increase every day in an Iranian context. What is important in developing these areas is considering the high level of design standards. Areas such as loading area, lab and laboratory, traffic routes, parking, public spaces, ... are those who from the beginning of the planning and design has to be seen and all standard and design tips for them must be met.
Hyperstar is the first chain store in Iran that has been able to achieve HACCP standards that is about securing food production and prevention from any problems caused by foods. Establishment of such a system has let Hyperstar stores to have an appropriate and effective control over the process of acceptance of products, storage and maintenance. The advantage of this standardization is to ensure customers from the quality of products offered in the stores. Very high standard of Hyperstar stores and variety of available items in them and the tendency of people to this kind of shopping have made the presence of these spaces as a very important factor in a big commercial projects as they can increase the footfall and attract many of people and act as a magnet and anchor in this kind of places. Entering of Hyperstar in Iran has led into the big changes in chain stores including: entering a new culture of customer orientation, layout, sales strategy, product variety, presentation and introduction of products (Promote, Sampling) and etc.
The One Iranian company in the role of advisor and exclusive consultant is always offering consultation in line of increasing profit in the projects. Now with surveys conducted on two large multi-purpose project the proposal of setting up Hyperstar as an attractive anchor has brought up. For this proposal, an expert team has worked on different aspects of the plan and during a visit from some hypermarket and super market in Tehran, they tried to finalize their ideas and comments for new developments.