The First Meeting of Active Members of Construction Industry Took place on June 15, 2015

The first Meeting of Active Members of Construction Industry started with a lecture by Mr. Mohammad Salary (Chief of Architecture and Urban Planning Commission of Tehran’s Council Committee), Mr. Hessam Oghbayi (Head of Tehran’s Estate Agents’ Union) and Mr. Farhadi (Vice President of Architecture Department of City of Tehran) and also there were number of members of the congress of Tehran and Directors of Tehran’s council present. This meeting was held in Yas Kosar Conference Centre, placed in Tehran’s Council Office and it was financially sponsored by Grouh Tose – e va Omran Behsakht.

In this event, Mr. Anisi, CEO of The One Iranian, held a lecture with the subject of Marketing Services in utility related business (such as construction industry) and in this meeting, and in the presence of numerous members of estate agents of east side of Tehran and also number of active members of construction industry, issues and problems of this industry were discussed.