Performance on a global standard, is the magnet to attract the bests.

The One Iranian company as a leader in providing new concepts of construction projects in Iran always tries to localize international exploitation concepts based on the customers' requirements and this try has always attracted many of successful developers and constructors. Nowadays any experts in construction industry knows that people needs something more than a good plan, material or even high quality construction for their places. Today they demand something more than a tangible goods, they ask for good services that can increase the level of calmness and comfort in their life.
Therefore, the professional team of The One Iranian has always tried to introduce such concepts. A good example of this can be defining a very new and unique concept and meaning of Home Office for one of the most distinctive office projects of country, Lexon luxury tower. Lexon tower is the only office tower of Tehran by now with a high level of 4-star hoteling services. In this meaning, it’s like that clients can find a hotel that have office units. As this concept is totally new in country, it’s obvious that lots of customers can be attracted to this project.
Daelim company that is active in gas and oil industry for many years in Iran, had several meetings due to gaining more information about defining new concepts for projects in Iran. This company that has a very active holding of construction back in their country, Korea, has decided to expand their activity in Iran market so, The One Iranian tries to introduce the market in the best possible way. Mr. Lee Young Ho, the senior manager of architecture department believes that Iran has a very untapped market in developing new areas of construction industry. He thinks that Lexon is a very pioneer project in the market and it shows that we are on the track of a new era of development.
The One Iranian and Daelim company are both interested to continue their cooperation in development of new project in Tehran and other Iranian cities.