Attending in the third Conference of high-rise buildings with the paper of branding and property management

One of the most important subject of urban life in recent years is housing. Since Urbanization is an inevitable issue, the subject of increased population settlement and urban development according to the culture, texture and material of a city has been always an important concern of the city senior officials.
The high-rise conference as one of the most successful examples of scientific conferences related to the field of urbanization tries to evaluate the overall theme of urban high-rise building and it sets its focus on sustainable urban life. The third period of the conference, following the success of previous periods (in years 93 and 94), has been held on January 95 with the subject of "Green City" and different groups study different aspects of the phenomenon of high-rise buildings in the growth of cities.
Sustainable construction in the city includes a wide range of studies, procedures, technologies, quality standards and analysis of economic conditions. When all of these will be in an executive position that construction of a high-rise building can be cost-effective in accordance with the terms and price of land, permits, labor, construction costs and can be defined based on standard principles. In this context, the article of Mr. Bashir Anisi, CEO of The One Iranians as "The role of branding and property management in premium strategies of high-rise buildings" has presented in the panel of economic and finance and published in the third conference of high-rise buildings.
The main topic of this article is how the construction projects can be profitable and the strategies of premium pricing can be developed? In this paper, the new branding elements in high-rise buildings and the most important aspects of it, providing services, has been investigated. Nowadays based on international experiences, the value of a building or a tower is estimated by four categories of services, location, image and performance that they all together shape the meaning of brand in a building. So considering a building in one of the luxury and high-priced groups and determining a premium pricing for it, does not depend only on the architecture or location and it is dependent on a combination of these factors. Nowadays by changing the type of residency and work style and increasing the number of high-rise buildings in the city, services have become an inseparable basis of branding among these four concepts, especially in high-rise buildings. Today all over the world providing a systematic service for a building is known by the concept of property management that should be considered from the preliminary steps of developing a building.
Mr. Anisi had expressed that we need to change the executive frameworks of managing and maintaining a building. This article could gain the highest percentage of audience satisfaction survey followed by the first day of the third conference of high-rise buildings.