Let’s Smarten Up our Company

The third conference of Organizational Activation, which took great efforts and was organized by Mahan Institute, took place in Seda va Sima’s (Iranian Broadcasting) International Conference Centre and it included many of the distinguished scholars of the industry such as Pr. Ali Akbar Farhangi, Naser Mir. Sepasi, Pr. Mahmood Saatchi, Pr. Bijan Khoram, Mohammadreza Behrangi, Mohammad Ali Shafi-a, Dr. Majid Sayari, Ali Asghar Jahangiri, Dr. Saeed Saadat, Hamed Jamali, Hamidreza Khanpoor and Dr. Moosa-khani.  

In this event many distinguished scholars held lectures with subjects of activation and also in two specialized panels; the Lasting of Iran’s directors and noble entrepreneurs, with subject of Transferring the Experience of entrepreneurs, held a related questions and answers meeting. Also Mr. Anisi, The entrepreneur of the year 2009 in the Sales and Marketing sector of construction industry, was present in specialized panel of entrepreneurs