Panaroma, the host of foreigner investors

The One Iranian team, the first exclusive sales and marketing company in Iran real estate, was hosting a group of artists and investors in Vietnam embassy as one of the cultural and social sponsors of the ceremony. The ceremony was held in 7th and 8th of September from 8 to 10 p.m. and Panaroma project introduction was being welcomed from the participant people.

The ceremony was started by welcome speech of Dr. Negvin hung tach, the ambassador of Vietnam, in Farsi language and then the documentary movie of “the heaven is not that much faraway” about touristic attractions of Vietnam was played. In this ceremony Mrs. Atefeh Samari the handicapped painter who creates beautiful artwork by her mouth was applauded and some of her artworks were bought by the invitees.

Mr. Nazir Anisi, the development manager of The One Iranian, shortly introduced the activities of the company and explained about the benefits of investing on Panaroma project. He said:

“Panaroma is an exclusive and unique residential project in western Tehran. The 19 story towers provide all the welfare services and facilities for their residents. Easy accessibility, 360-degree view to Tehran, artistic architecture of Farzad daliri, high percentage of green and open areas, good physical progress and active workshop of the project are the advantage of this project. Unconditional guarantee of the buildings by Dana insurance company is one the most distinguishing points of this project in comparison to others.”