The One Iranian, Supporting Karaman

The One Iranian always supports entrepreneurship ideas and efforts and again, he showed his support to Karaman company by participating in their creative business program.

The main concept of Karaman company refers to connecting the recently graduated students to the employment market. Karaman tries to provide necessary work experiment and experimental expert to this group of people who just left the university so that they can enter the market more prepared.

Karaman is a free platform that creates a communicational bridge between young people and well-known companies so that students and graduates by doing some volunteer business jobs or internships all over Iran can find the opportunity to be in a high-standard business environment and find their own professional interests and plans by this regard. This platform is active all over a year and in different periods of a year have different plans for interested people. So, young people can go through the website and register their information and receive some consultation and guidance to choose the right companies. The education field, personal characteristics and interest and special skills are some factors that Karaman take into consideration in introducing available opportunities to each person.

Mr. Anisi, CEO of The One Iranian, believes that academic and educational progress beside benefiting from the experiments of successful people can result in finding the best job opportunities that fit to our skills and interest perfectly. It’s a long time that in developed countries students cannot go into professional market just directly and they should spend some internship programs even as a compulsory part of their studies or as a volunteer to catch the better job opportunities.

The One Iranian started his cooperation with Karaman from summer 1396 and welcomed to some interested students for a period of 3 months. The One team tries their best to transfer the experiment and knowledge to them and play an effective role in their future lives.