The One Iranian hosted Iritali company

International activities of The One Iranian results in hosting the second big architecture and design of Italy in Iran.

Mr. Paolo Facchini, Charman of Lombardini 22, was in The One Iranian to have meeting about construction and real estate projects in Iran. In this meeting two companies described about their activities and Mr. Facchini showed his satisfaction about getting to know The One Iranian. He believed that the companies like The One Iranian that follow their activities by strategic planning from beginning to end are not a lot in the world. A general agreement was signed between two companies for future potential cooperation and The One hopes that this cooperation will lead to entering new concepts and technology of architecture into Iranian market. Mr. Anisi, The One CEO, believes that there are still not correct concepts about office and commercial project in Iran and our projects in these areas are far away from international standards but, working with qualified and experienced companies like Lombradini 22 can cause a great movement in our construction companies as the main outcome will be importing the knowledge.

Iritali is the name of a company who represents the Italian holdings activates in Iran that among a group of companies work as a holding, L22 is the one that works in design and architecture field. L22 is the second bog company in Italy in case of the area of constructed projects and the third one in Europe in this regard. Lombardini 22 is so famous and well-known in hospitality industry and designing famous hotels in Europe and also so experienced and avant-garde in designing commercial and workplace buildings.  

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