Cooperation with the international digital advertising company, TeamE

The One Iranian has finished the first cooperation project of producing advertisement materials with Teame Co.

Advertisement and marketing in social media play a very important role according to presenting the real estate projects to the potential clients to help them have the best choice of investment. This is even more considerable in residential pre-sales project as the buyers need to imagine where they are going to stay as a home and which services they will receive. So, The One Iranian had decided to provide digital advertisement and physical modeling in Panorama project’s marketing campaign. The One Iranian marketing team got to know Teame in Dubai Cityscape beside many more companies in this area and the market research could lead us to choose Teame company as one of the best in the region with a great experiment. The team faced a lot of problems in case of transferring data and information and checking all the process details but finally the project was finished in success and the project owner express his satisfaction about the quality and work concept.

Panorama including making the physical model, producing animations and 3D rendering was the first common project of Teame and The One Iranian. After this project Teame showed the interest for a long cooperation plan as The One Iranian could provide the advertisement scenarios, local data and all the arrangement in the best possible way.

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