Panaroma, operating the concept of property management

The One Iranian, as the exclusive marketing and sales representative of Panaroma luxury towers, organized several meetings with Rahab Sakht Mahan, the constructor, about the subject of creating added value for the project. One of the most effective elements in this regard is property management and the guarantee about providing the best services for the residents. Despite the fact that professional property management is not very known in Iran, it is considered as an important topic in real estate industry all over the world and The One Iranian believes that it is the time to work on this concept in a serious way.

Mr. Anisi said that in our country a building brand is still comes from just the name of the architect and developer and we need to change this and match it with international standards. Nowadays branding in real estate industry origins from four routes: location, image, performance and services. From these four elements providing good services in a high-rise building play a considerable role. So, if a project needs to be successful must see this role in the first steps of the designing process to consider the necessary areas of service supporting.

The One Iranian determined the list of suitable services to the towers and described the property management plan proposal for a long-term efficient utilization of this project. By this plan, Rahab Sakht company will stay with the residents permanently as a manager to provide calmness and comfort for all the users. It is agreed in this meeting that Rahab will guarantee the towers for 5 years and the property management for 20 years is also promised.