Entrepreneurial Conversation

Friendly gatherings are planned to be held monthly in economics college of Allameh Tabatabee university focusing on the topic of entrepreneurship. These gatherings which are organized by the effort of the professors by the name of “entrepreneurial conversation” are supposed to make the students know more about the process of entrepreneurship and lead them in it.

The first meeting was held leading by Mr. Bashir Anisi, the selected entrepreneur of country in the field of services, in economics college. Some of bachelor, master and PhD students in addition to board members participated in this friendly gathering and it was a good start for students to get to know about entrepreneurial concepts, meanings, the importance of self-employment, different finance tools and the ways to attract the supports for beginning of entrepreneurship process. Alongside the questioning and answering Mr. Anisi described the process of entrepreneurship from beginning to development phase.

These gatherings are supposed to be held monthly in economics college of Allameh Tabatabee University and the successful entrepreneurs announce their interest to share their experiences there. It is hoped that it will be a help for those students with a potential to enter the business cycle of country.