Bashir Anisi, the invited guest of the first E-commerce conference in Mahallat city

The first E-commerce conference was held on 11th December in national institute of flowers and plants in Mahallat city.

The conference was held with the aim of familiarity of the industry's leaders and economic activists with the subject of e-commerce, and at this conference the researchers and experts explained about business in electronic form.

Mr. Hosein Hasemi, MIT professor (video conference), Dr. Mojtaba Raees Safari, university professor and board member of E-commerce forum, Mr. Ghazanfari, the selected entrepreneur in E-commece, Mr. Fahimian, the manager of Donyay e Farsh and Mr. Bashir anisi, the selected entrepreneur in service industry were the invited conference speakers.

At this conference, Mr. Anisi tried to demonstrate the concept of entrepreneurship to students and young people through his real experiences and explanations of parts of his career story to show entrepreneurship is not solely about the launch of a large business and the entrepreneur is the one who accepts the financial, spiritual, social, and psychological risk of launching a business, even a small one. At this conference, Mr. Anisi and the other speakers created an image of business simplification and development through new and up-to-date methods for audiences.