The One Iranian, in Marcopolo Yalda ceremony

The One Iranian as one of the sponsors of Yalda celebration on 16th of December attended the conference hall of the Milad Tower. The Marco Polo Airlines Agency, with the invitation of 1500 customers, celebrated Yalda Night in Milad Tower, and The One Iranian found the event as an opportunity to introduce its services and projects so that participated as one of the sponsors of this celebration. During this ceremony, The One introduced its service area in real estate field to the participants.

Panaroma residential towers as an exclusive opportunity for pre sales in Tehran and Atlas Kish tower with a unique location in Kish Island were the projects that have been introduced to the visitors as a perfect purchase case and investment opportunities in the real estate sector.

The residential tower of Atlas Kish is one of the unique projects of Kish Island that is known for its beautiful architecture and special location relative to Persian Gulf. This tower has 16 floors and 110 units and is the closest tower of the island to the sea. Focused operation management, proximity to shopping malls, eternal vision to the sea and its location in the vicinity of Daryoush Hotel are among the points that residents of Atlas Kish have mentioned as positive points.

The Panaroma Residential Complex was also featured as a unique investment opportunity in the pre-purchase section of real estate. The project, which is located in the zone 5 of Tehran where is the most prosperous construction area, has a 360-degree view of Tehran with the unique design by Farzad Daliri. Existence of full facilities of recreation and its green space area in comparison to Tehran's projects, ease of accessibility to Hemmat, Bakeri, Hakim, Niayesh and teh main streets, active construction workshop, famous constructor and 5 year warranty of all building facilities by Dana insurance for the first time in the construction industry, have made this collection as one of the special projects in the region.

Salar Aghili's concert was one of the events of the Yalda ceremony, and various sections of Marco Polo Travel Agency, Swiss Embassy, Nestlé Nescafe company, the Italian leather brands, and a number of food producers were also sponsored the program.