One-time purchase in The One Iranian service package

Following a request from The One Iranian made by one of the most prestigious domestic knowledge firms to purchase a smart office building, extensive studies have been conducted to find the appropriate response to by The One’s research and development sector. For this purpose, information about all the administrative buildings with proper conditions in the area became under consideration and the necessary negotiations with the owners took place. Finally, the appropriate option was chosen and announced to the customer company, and with the satisfaction of one hundred percent purchase of a 24-unit office building was made simultaneously.

One-time shopping and selling is another part of The One Iranian services. Effective communication between the two sides of a one-to-one negotiation requires the proper mastery of both sides. Understanding the real estate market and knowing the needs of audiences is a factor in providing the right and comprehensive services in this area.

Today, large corporations need to focus on their own standards and needs in order to benefit from the focus of their business segments. Mentoring companies (Holding companies) are composed of different companies and departments that are interconnected and in need of high interaction, and therefore the presence of all these parts in a physical location so that it is possible to separate the parts of the property can be considered worthy of them. In addition, location is also relevant to the corporate identity. Locating in an area of the city commensurate with the company's field of work, having adequate access, taking into account arrangements for parking space, accessing urban services, communicating with other important organs, etc. are all the things that should be considered in choosing the right place.

By reviewing the experts in accordance with the requirements of the employer in terms of location specifications and general features of the building, as well as the availability of the services and facilities needed for an office building; The One Iranian was able to introduce the appropriate conditions and pricing correctly and buy the whole building at once.