The One Iranian has been selected as the development consultant of an international sport brand in Iran

For the second time, The One Iranian has partnered with a reputable international company in the field of development and location in their executive list.

One of business development strategy is franchise system which finding the best locations is critical in it. In choosing a location, an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the services to be provided and the recognition of the target customers of the recipient of those services is very important. Providing the right service at the right place for the right audience is a guarantee of business success. In this regard, multi-step measures are planned and implemented to find the appropriate response.

This time, The One Iranian was selected as the consultant for the development strategy of an international sports complex. In the course of this collaboration, The One started to identify development strategies.

Sports clubs specializing in gymnastics in Iran have very limited audience and according to studies, the penetration rate and attraction of their audience in Iran is only 2%. Several factors such as lack of financial ability, lack of sufficient time, lack of confidence in the presence of a sports space, etc. have caused these spaces to be limited to a limited range and not inclusive range of people. Other factors such as non-standard light, inadequate interior design and device layout, and lack of in-side training and lack of customer relationship management make users unrivaled in sport spaces.

In the same vein, and recognizing the difficulties in not expanding sport clubs, a credible international brand with a careful study of Iranian sports market, intends to enter this market. This sport brand plans to enter the sporting space of Iran with new solutions to all the problems that exist in developing bodybuilding clubs.

At the same time as developing and implementing the business model and framework for entry into the Iranian market by the sport brand, its senior executives co-operated with a real estate consulting firm that focuses on Iran's market, negotiation, marketing and locating methods and cognition. The respondents are deemed to have a full domination in this area. Developing development strategies in the real estate market in Iran requires the experience and knowledge of native experts. In this regard, the managers of this brand have chosen The One Iranian, the first marketing and sales company in the construction industry, among others as a development consultant. And the cooperation agreement between the two companies has been closed.

Previously, The One Iranian have been advising on the development and location finding of a credible international retail brand. The company's successful experience in market intelligence, the selection of development and location positions, and the exact location of the employer's needs, provide a great experience for the company in developing strategies for locating and recognizing the market.