Selection of Mr. Bashir Anisi as the secretary of entrepreneurship organization of Tehran

Meeting the board of trustees of Tehran association of entrepreneurs was held on Sunday Jan 29, 20017 with the presence of Dr. Emami Amin, deputy director of dconomic affairs and development of the provincial governorate of Tehran, head of the board of trustees of the provincial entrepreneurs association, Mr. Shakrami, general director of co-operation, social work and social welfare ministry of Tehran Province, and the members of the board of trustees of Tehran entrepreneurs in the meeting venue of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare office of the province of Tehran to announce the new membership of the board of trustees and also to select the chairman and secretary of entrepreneurs’ association of Tehran province. Mr. Shakrami expressed his satisfaction at holding the third round of the election of chairman and secretary of the association and said: according to the approved law of the high council for employment, efforts should be made to ensure the coherence and effectiveness of this center, and it is expected that the provincial entrepreneurship organizations, including the entrepreneurs' club, consulting and service centers play a more effective role in identifying the potential of the province in their respective areas of responsibility.

The order of establishment of provincial entrepreneurship center was issued in accordance with paragraph 8 of the 28th session of the High Council for Employment, in which the center is composed of a group of top entrepreneurs and experts in the field of entrepreneurship, which are considered as an entrepreneurship thinking room. The goals of entrepreneurship council establishment are:

- Increasing provincial governance capacity to help identify barriers to entrepreneurship development to achieve solutions of removing these barriers.

- Maximum enhancement and participation of entrepreneurs in decision making of senior managers in entrepreneurship development.

- Creating an appropriate context for the development and promotion of entrepreneurship (economic, social, etc.) and institutionalization of its culture in the province.

- Providing advice and assistance to the decision making of the senior managers of the province and increasing the confidence of the decisions that had made in the field of entrepreneurship.

The board of trustees of the entrepreneurship center consists of 12 members whose duties are to co-operate and oversee the good implementation of the focal point, to provide the areas of cooperation between the members of the association with the executive agencies of the province, the preparation and approval of the instructions, the monitoring of implementation and the spiritual and financial support from the association.

The Board of Trustees is composed of:

- Governor or his authorized representative (chairman of the board of trustees)

- General Director of cooperatives, labor and social welfare ministry of the province

- One of the managers of executive agencies in the service sector in terms of the competitive advantage of each province

- Head of Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of the province

- Head of Jihad Agriculture Organization of the province

- One of the faculty members of universities, institutes, scientific and research centers of the province

- Six of the top national or provincial entrepreneurs

In a meeting of the Board of Trustees on Sunday, the members of the Board of Trustees at the same time introduced their plans and views on the issues of entrepreneurship in the province of Tehran, and among the members and according to the plans provided by them, Dr. Majid Syari was selected as chairman and Mr. Bashir Anisi as secretary of the Entrepreneurs' Association of Tehran Province.