Lexon, the gold sponsor of value engineering seminar

On Thursday, January 27, 2017, a seminar about value engineering with the participation of the board of directors, managers and senior managers of some banks and insurance companies and holding companies and their subsidiaries was held with the speeches of Dr. Hanafizadeh, member of Allameh Tabataba'i University (Associate Professor) at Football Academy of Olympic Hotel. The seminar began with the theme of value creation, strategic processes and factors affecting the success and failure of holding companies at 9:00 AM, and Lexon Tower was the golden sponsor of this seminar. After Dr. Hanafizadeh's speech about the definition of holding companies and its history, the types of holding companies, the nature of holding companies, the characteristics of becoming a holding company, the conditions for value creation, the structure of holding companies, interactive styles in this kind of companies, reducing tension and crisis in any interactive style, determining the appropriate business for any type of interactive style, work processes of various holding companies, Mrs. Arad, development director of The One Iranian, discussed about the direct effects of earning profit And the importance of intelligent selection in the real estate market. In addition, she explains the concept-driven style of Lexon and the importance of providing services in the office towers, as well as the specific location of Lexon tower and the value added for end users and investors in purchasing Lexon project and the introduction of the employer, the project consultants and The One Iranian, as the first sales and marketing engineer in the construction industry. Subsequently, the participants at the seminar, who were interested in receiving information, were invited to Lexon introduction table.

Lexon business tower is being built as the first Iranian office hotel in the eastern Lake Chitgar in the 18th hectare of Aramesh gardens. This 30-storey hotel office project consists of hoteling services and special office units. The unique location, the presence of first level consultants such as Farzad Daliri and Dr. Mirqaderi, and project construction by Tose’E Abnieh Hemmat Building Development Company.