Membership recall of accelerators in the framework of consultancy centers

In 2009, with the efforts of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, with the support of the Deputy Governor of the Provincial Governorate of Tehran, and with the continuous follow-up of the entrepreneurs of the province, several meetings were held with presence of the scientific and technological parks representatives and of the development centers and representatives of other government departments in order to establish and propose the establishment of Entrepreneurship and Consultation centers and on March 8, 2010.

After the formation of a technical committee with the participation of two selected entrepreneurs (according to the rule of association), the proposal of the Entrepreneurs' Association of the province has been provided for the filing and licensing of several applicants and led to the establishment of consulting and information centers for entrepreneurship.

Deputy Minister of Entrepreneurship and Employment of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, wrote a letter to the elites of this field to amend the regulations of the centers of consultation and entrepreneurship centered on the startup and advised the subject of accelerators and on July 5, 2016 the regulation was amended so that henceforth entrepreneurship can be considered as a safe haven for accelerator activities and supported by the government because the importance of this issue in economic growth and promotion of the culture of entrepreneurship and employment in the country is not unclear.

Secretary of the Entrepreneurship Center of Tehran Province and member of the Technical Board of Entrepreneurship Consulting Centers said:

All active accelerators can go to the Office of Cooperatives, Labor and Welfare of Tehran Province and receive an application form for obtaining a permit.

Mr. Bashir Anisi announced that the call will be promising to improve the startup business environment and, given the establishment of the Association of Accelerated Entrepreneurship Consulting Centers, can pursue their demands in the form of a guild association. The twelfth government, with special purpose who has been in the field of employment and entrepreneurship, and will show his practical work in pursuit of senior executives in the eleventh government to create more entrepreneurial vivacity.

He added a few large and valid accelerators who filed data and waited for the first licensing session, and other accelerators would take this historic opportunity for themselves and startups.

The provincial entrepreneurs' center is also ready to provide advice and follow up on accelerator demands.