Mr. Anisi attended in the seasonal meeting of metropolitans' investment managers in Rasht city

A meeting of the committee of investment managers of the municipalities of the country was held at Kadoush hotel on January 16-17, with the presence of the mayor, head of the city council and head of the city's investment organization of Rasht.

The meeting, with a new approach to investing and participating in the metropolitan municipalities, was held with the presence of successful investors of the country and the province along with metropolitan investment managers, and Mr. Bashir Anisi as one of the successful investors and activists in the field of was attended in this gathering. Investment projects such as the Persian Garden of Kish Island, the comprehensive plan of Rasht Gardens, the Tehran waste incineration plan, and transportation and traffic were signed and agreed during the meeting sessions. During this two-day summit, many memoranda of understanding were signed by investors with the municipality of Rasht and important projects in the field of development of Rasht city were defined. In this regard, the Memorandum of Understanding on the study and attraction of the Investors for Boostan Mellat of Rasht was signed by Mr. Anisi, managing director of The One Iranians and the mayor of Rasht. The main goal of investing groups’ activities in metropolitan cities is to create jobs and increase people's income, and at this meeting they tried to focus on the importance of creating new businesses with respect to indigenous and climatic conditions. The investment organization is one of the most effective organizations and municipalities can have a very useful and constructive interaction with this institution in order to develop cities.