The One Iranin, the host of Norooz ceremony

On Thursday, March 8, 2017, the ceremony of New Year's Eve 97 was held in Shahid Beheshti University, Abu Rhyhan convention hall. The One Iranian hosted a number of special clients to welcome spring. The ceremony was attended by brands such as Bahman Stock Exchange, Nash Tabriz Co. and The One Iranian Co. as sponsors of the ceremony. The artist, Mr. Mohsen Ebrahimzadeh, performed at the ceremony, and a lottery ceremony was held in which the sponsors had a lot of awards for guests. The One Iranian, as the first sales and marketing consultant in the country, who had attended the ceremony with its 3 unique projects, considered a special gift for the guests.
Rozet green towers are designed by Farzad Daliri, which is under construction in the most prosperous area of Tehran, with 7000 m2 of green space, tennis and volleyball courts, with facilities like a swimming pool and sauna, gyms and gathering salon, cinema, kindergarten and roof garden in district 5, was one of the projects of The One Iranian at this celebration of Nowruz. Three other projects were Palm Plaza villa town, Atlas Kish residential tower, and the introduction of the Citadium brand.
The buyers of these projects also attended in this ceremony, and The One Iranian delivered a brief speech by Mr. Nazir Anisi, Development Director of the company and granted to 10 participants in lotteries, special conditions for the presence and investment in the company’s projects as a gift.