Confirmation of senior executives of Carrefour (Hyper Star) on Citadium Rasht project

Mr Benoit Cazin, Business Manager of Majid Al-Fatim in Dubai visited Citadium Rasht project.

Benoit Cazin, one of Carrefour's senior executives, visited this project after going through the process of signing a memorandum of understanding and doing everything necessary for Carrefour presence at Citadium Rasht Shopping Center. Mr. Cazin is recognized as one of the most successful and professional executives of Carrefour and the department of commerce, and in his professional career, he has recorded the experience of managing 200 business centers in China at a short time, known as one of the success stories in retail chain management. The 30-year experience in retail business has become one of the most experienced people in the group. After Mr. Benoit’s visit from Rasht and the commercial and retail market in the area, he visited the under construction project of the Citadium project. Mr. Benoit’s confirmed and approved the market research process of this project, location selection, business development plan of Citadium Rasht, construction and operation concept and drawings prepared by the Greek architect YAP, consultant for this project, as the right choice for Hyper Star for the first presence in the North Iran. In fact, he confirmed the integrity of this project as a good one.

The Citadium Rasht is under construction in an area of 51306 square meters in three floors. This project is a subset of the chain stores of Citadium brand that is being implemented in the big cities of Iran with the aim of establishing commercial centers with standards and high level international services.

Read more about the specifications of the Citadium shopping center Rasht here:

Citadium Rasht