Mr. Anisi among the members of Tehran Engineering Organization

The first meeting of the Entrepreneurship Summit and the introduction of new business was held in the Engineering Workshop of Tehran Engineering Organization with the participation of Bashir Anisi as the speaker.

The series of specialized meetings of the Civil Engineering Committee of Tehran Technical Complex will be held with various educational goals. This is the first time in the last days of year that the subject of entrepreneurship and startups in this organization was discussed specially. The entrepreneurship conference, which was hosted by Mojtaba Saber as chairman of the panel, was initiated by Rashidzadeh, head of the Civil Engineering Department, Khatibi, member of the board of directors of the organization, and Elahi Far, the deputy head of the Civil Engineering Department, and then Bashir Anisi as the top entrepreneur in the country described the entrepreneurial process and the nature of the new businesses, and explained concepts such as business angels and accelerators, and illustrated the successful examples of successful international businesses that fit the expertise of participating members, Such as SELECT Company that has created innovative ground-based concepts, and he building analyzed of these companys’ success factors. The two-hour meeting, which is a prelude to the upcoming sessions on the subject, continued with questions and answers, and participants received a great deal of content from the workshop and the topics discussed.