Beginning the announcement of Palm Plaza project on a wide scale

Palm Plaza villa town has been introduced to Norooz travelers following the strategies of new marketing and sales consultant, The One Iranian.

The launch of Nooruz billboards of Palm Plaza project on the route of Norooz trips to Mazandaran province is the start point of the marketing campaign of this project in 1397. These billboards are from Khezershahr to Katalem Ramsar on certain routes and designed to inform the audience of this particular luxury project. The project billboards were designed in such a way that viewers can get acquainted with different parts of the project on a track and identify the full project identity. The One Iranian, with their information through billboards on the road, could attract valuable visitors during the Norooz holidays, and the project information office during this time hosted them.

Palm Plaza villa town is under construction in a land plot of 86,000 meters in Kelarabad, Mazandaran. The design of the shared areas, which is one of the strengths of the project, is based on the finest and most special types of plants, stone materials and excellent lighting. 64 villas of this project are designed with beautiful and eye-catching architecture in 8 different types, and a small number of villas in the city are considered for providing high standard services to residents.

View the details of Palm Plaza project here:

 Palm Plaza Villa Town