The executive managers of Carrefour visited Citadium Urmia

Mr. Benoit Kazan, along with Hyperstrar's management team, visited Citadium Urmia shopping mall on March 10th. Kazan is recognized as one of the top and foremost executives of Carrefour and Majed-Al-Fotaim with a record of success in managing shopping centers. The 30-year experience in retail business has made him one of the most experienced people in the group. Citadium Urmia shopping mall, as the largest shopping center of the West, will use the Hyper Star brand as a daily shopping center in its first phase of development. The right location of the project, an outstanding project area, high standard infrastructure required for development of a shopping center in the regional level, the presence of domestic and international consultants and international standards of commercial buildings’ design has attracted the brands such as Hyper Star to be in this project. Benoit Kazan endorsed the construction and development of Citadium Urmia and described the development strategy of this project as a very intelligent one in both two phases.