The One Iranian Company as a consultant and exclusive agent for marketing and sales of Ramila Residential Tower

Ramila Tower, with the aim of creating a residential and service complex in Chalous Tourism Area, has been built to meet the world's standards in the construction of tourism towers by private sector investment. After conducting market studies and community discovery, The One Iranian has defined the terms of payment and pricing strategies for this project as the first step in the sales process. The project's marketing campaign has begun to be launched in May 2018 for those interested in buying residential units in the region. The owners of Ramila units, which currently are 25 families, have stated their preference for buying and choosing a residential unit in a residential tower in northern Iran such as Ramila, instead buying a villa because of:
- High security,
- Cost-effective maintenance,
- Flexible payment terms and
- Receiving hoteling services

The project is constructed in a land of 3300 square meters and it has 16 floors with 84 units.
The facilities of the Ramila project include:
- Private beach and 24-hour seaside guard,
- 24-hour security
- Green space and children's playground, beach cafe, private parking and storage, and guest parking
- Steam and sauna, pool, jacuzzi, billiard room, gyms for men and women,
- Meeting room, lobby and beautiful landscape in the roof garden (in the thirteenth and fourteenth floors)

Together with other factors such as the quality of construction, construction facilities and technical equipment of the project, along with the services needed for the target market, Ramila coastal tower has become a unique collection of life, entertainment and investment in Chaloos region.