A new fame for Panaroma residential towers

Panaroma residential towers have been renamed to Rozet following its owner and investor development policies. Rahab Sakht Mahan Co., one of the largest construction companies in Iran by having several years of experience in construction and managing the construction projects with the goal of unified development, has begun to review its brand identity. In this regard, the brand name of massive residential projects will be Rozet and all its commercial centers are called Citadium. In this regard, all the promotional activities of this project will be modified by Rozet.
Rozet towers are being built in an area of 10732 square meters with an area of 65212.2 square meters in district 5. Rozet Residential Project is a 364-unit residential complex with a total floor area of 13 floors and a passenger compartment and 5 underground floors. Rozet is the largest construction project in district 5 of Tehran, and its very convenient access is one of the important features of this project. The eye-catching architecture of the towers designed by Farzad Daliri team combined with the perfect amenities and facilities has made Rozet a luxury and unique collection.