The One Iranian attended in the annual Kensington Global Conference in Constance, Germany

The managers of The One Iranian attended in the annual global conference of Kensington real estate Company in Constance, Germany, invited by the CEO of this brand. Kensington is one of the most influential and well-known real estate brands operating in the European Union in a Franchise system. Kensington, a Swedish company, can compete with companies such as Engel & Volkers, both of which have expanded their performance levels across Europe and beyond. The concept of network branding and Franchise business model has a short history in the world, and has been one of the best models in the real estate field in terms of creating trust among audiences and customers and earning more profit than the same. Every year Kensington organizes a global conference to announce its annual achievements, inviting all managers and employees of various branches, as well as investors and managers who are able to join the network, in which in addition to the presentation of the annual performance report, it can share its business concepts and the latest technologies and methods used in this system.
At the conference held on Friday, June 15th, after announcing recent progress reports on sales levels and transactions conducted in cities and countries, the best Kingsington Branches were introduced based on the number of deals. The main part of the conference was devoted to franchise concepts, the way different branches can act the same under a single system, the introduction of the software used in the system, and the introduction of new graphics and video software for use on the website and increase the level of website performance. At the end, an interview with influential people in this collection, such as the CEO of the Kensington brand, Mr. Mehrdad Bonkadar, took place. Meanwhile, Bashir Anisi, CEO of The One Iranian, was also invited to interview as one of the most influential individuals in real estate in Iran. In this dialogue the economic situation of Iran as well as the position of real estate market and its upcoming perspective was discussed.


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