The contract for Hyperstar’s (Carrefour) presence in Citadium Urmia has been signed.

On Sunday September 9th 2018, the contract of partnership and presence of Hyperstar (Carrefour) in Citadium Urmia was signed among these two great parties.

Mihan Dairy Co. was the host of Hyperstar (MAF Pars) in its own complex. This meeting was conducted with visit of 3 factories: Mihan, Panda and Dairy City and also the central warehouse. Executives of The One Iranian as developer of Citadium alongside with managers of Echelle as the mall management team for Citadium chain stores attended this meeting. At the end of the meeting the contract for Hyperstar’s presence in Citadium Urmia was signed by executives from Bouka Holding, Mr. Paidari and Mr. Mirghani as the main investors of Citadium project and Mr. Thierry, executive from Carrefour.

Hyperstar which is the Carrefour brand from France and is currently one of the most successful brands in the world and has been popular by focusing on special services, high variety of products, integrated management and unique quality of products, is one of the most popular shopping centers. The presence of this brand in Citadium Urmia is one of the most important advantages of this complex.

The One Iranian as development manager of Citadium has chosen the most strategic location for Citadium as a mean to bridge the gap between the greatest designers and brands and real estate industry. Alongside with Echelle, The One Iranian has gathered all the standards and needs for presence of Carrefour in Citadium Urmia.

Citadium is the greatest commercial project in the western regions of Iran, located in a field with 53500 square meters surface and has started its activities after switching brand from Rozet to Citadium at 2017. Its success will be guaranteed with the help of professional members of the team. Citadium project will be exploited in 2 phases and Hyperstar is exploited in phase A.