With your support, we’ve come to our final steps.

As summer is ending, “Rozet” is once again announced in Hamshari paper. Latest displays of media advertising campaign for Rozet Residential Towers which were closed in last September, were again planned and executed. Due to over targeting our sales and also market’s status, there was a couple of months stop in the sales of units. There was one remaining phase of marketing campaign for this project, therefore on Monday September 10th 2018, A few number of units were announced for people who are willing to invest in trustable real estate markets.

Rozet Residential Complex consists of two 14-stories towers in district 5 Tehran which is being constructed by one of the most credible constructors Rahab Sakht Mahan, one of the subsidiaries of Bouka Holding. District 5 of Tehran is the most popular district in the field of real estates with unique welfare and service facilities, huge green space per capita and great access to Hemmat and Bakeri highways as well as main streets. The active construction site in this complex is what makes Rozet different from other construction sites nearby. With Farzad Daliri’s unique design, Rozet has 360 degree of landscape to Tehran and is planned to bring comfort and quiet to its residents.

Other advantages of this project are the 5 year written guarantee of Dana Insurance Co. for maintenance and support. Alongside with a long term concern of peace and comfort for residents, a 20-year contract has been signed for property management.

The One Iranian as the first executer of marketing engineering and sales in the country is the exclusive broker of sales for this project.