Countdown at Rozet

The magnificent and unique complex of Rozet Residential Towers is at countdown to sell its last units at last days of autumn. While there are still a few units available for sales, the information office is open for selling and resell services to owners and active applicants.
Rahab Sakht Mahan is the investor and operator of this project. It is one of the most valid employers in the construction industry with efficient experience of building more than 2 million square meters of residential, office and industrial complexes. It also has the valuable experience of investment and execution of approximately 200/000 square meters of commercial-residential projects as well as clinics and medical buildings. Rahab Sakht is a subsidiary of Bouka Holding; under which Mihan Co. and Tabiat Group are active.
This project is designed by Farzad Daliri, renowned architecture; and the construction design is done by Dr. Mohammad Legzian. Rozet is located in the greenest area of district 5 with a 360-degree view.
The One Iranian as the exclusive consultant of marketing and sales for Rozet garden towers has started its activities since mid-1396. During this time, policies and conditions of sales were planned according to the time table provided by the employer. The effect of economic situation was noted in order to create the best condition for buyers. The most important qualities of this project for buyers and even to be introduced by; are employer’s special credibility, facilities and features of the tower and the location with access to Bakeri and Hemmat highways and main road. The process of professional sales for this project is completed through defining various pricing strategies, payment conditions and choosing the most effective marketing channels considering the project’s specifics.
Peculiar identity and points of differentiation of this project are mirrored in various features, from modern architectural design to its facilities. It’s known to everyone involved in the real estate industry that today’s buyers need more than just good construction, map and materials. They need more than tangible products, but worthy services. Services that help secure families’ comfort and peace.
The other valuable feature of this project is the maintenance guarantee and support services for five years with written guarantee from Dana Insurance Co.. In addition, having the comfort and peace of residents in mind, a 20-year contract has been signed for property management of the building.