Sparow, a glorious project in Rasht: Sparow tower opportunity study

Market Study and opportunity study of Sparow tower is now one of the research and study projects of The One Iranian.

The One Iranian as the first marketing, sales and investment consultancy firm in construction industry with its efficient experience in qualitative studies, market research, opportunity study and feasibility study has started its collaboration regarding Sparow Commercial-Office Opportunity Study project with Pars Sazeh, one of the biggest and most credible construction complexes in Iran.  Sparow is a tower located in Rasht city center at the intersection of Saadi avenue and Moalem boulevard. Known as the city’s highest tower in the future, Sparow tower is located next to historical-cultural context of Shahrdari square.

Through extensive studies of commercial, office, residential and service projects in Rasht, The One research team has completed market study of this project. Alongside with deep knowledge of construction industry and real estate in Rasht, The One team has carefully analyzed the culture, customs and behaviors of customers and potential target markets of the project. Studying of prominent concepts, design standards and management techniques in related fields and studying successful national and international cases are other parts of this project. Defining concepts adherent of the employer’s tact and style, market demands and with highest economic justification are all results of the team’s effort to provide its service at the highest quality.